Brake Repair

No matter the make or model of your car we can help you with any brake issues you may be having.

Typically drums and rotors should either be resurfaced or replaced prior to installing new pads or shoes to ensure a smooth and parallel brake mating surface and optimal braking. (When your auto repair shops says they need to “Turn your Rotors” they are resurfacing the rotor on a specially designed lathe.

Car Care Central is your first choice in Plano, TX for new Brake Pads and Brake Repair!

Prevention is key for avoiding costly brake repairs. If you hear grinding noises, your car shakes or pulls when you apply the brakes or you have reason to believe you have brake issues you need to call today. Brake issues are safety issue. If you suspect your car needs new brakes or is having brake issues please call a repair shop and schedule an appointment now.